VDR systems (or journey data recorders) are the most recent generation of maritime technology. They enable a vessel to record in real time, in a safe and recoverable approach, a sequence of incidents that are relevant for the investigation of your navigation crash. Often referred to as the “marine dark box”, the program is designed to collect information out of different detectors onboard and transmit that to a central unit, just where it is recorded in digital form. The data is then brought to a tablets, which can be either fixed or float-free. The capsule possesses a brightly a muslim label to facilitate its easy click to investigate location in the event the need occurs.

VDR evaluation has confirmed to be a highly effective tool for improving operational essential safety onboard vessels. It can determine trends that, if left unchecked, may lead to injuries and can hence enable Paid members to take corrective action prior to an incident takes place. Airlines have been using the same method for years and this offers resulted in a substantial lowering of air accidents. VDR forensics will be a significant tool designed for Members and their clients in analysing the reason for incidents and accidents in sea.